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A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. We at 9notes study circle welcome you to make this academic journey a successful one.

These days education is all about competition, being ahead and being prepared. It is a well known fact that marks are a deciding factor in present day education. Earlier marks would only decide where a student stands among his peers. In present times they decide a student's future course of action i.e. which stream he will pursue and most important of all which college he will attend. So the age old saying ‘hard work always pays ‘does hold true. What a student needs in addition now is smart and systematic work. The right mix of the above two ingredients is a sure shot recipe for success. We at our study circle are devoted to facilitate candidates who aspire to enter the aforementioned top colleges .

We intend to do so by providing them systematic coaching and strengthening conceptual clarity. Our team at the study circle tutors students in the subjects of science and mathematics. Classes will be handled by our team at study circle comprising extremely experienced teachers who are updated with the changing scenarios of education. Classes being held on alternative days ensure that students are in constant touch with their syllabi. Tests will be conducted at the end of the week to evaluate how well a student has grasped the subject. All of the above will result in students realizing their dreams.They say success is a journey not a destination. Well we at the study circle hope that our rewarding journey culminates in you reaching your desired destination.



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